No, I will not EVER do a Competition

To everyone who asks this question:

Thank you for letting me know that my hard work in the gym is paying off,  I do really appreciate that you noticed.  However, it is NOT because I want to do a bikini/figure competition.  I totally respect people that do them, but I do not have any interest in that for multiple reasons….in list form here we go:

– Bad coaches: there are a lot of bad coaches out there.  I know enough about exercise physiology and nutrition to spot a total idiot guru, but I also know I occasionally put my appearance above my overall health.  Somethings that seem harmless can really add up.  I’m glad I have the background I do, but I worry about people who don’t.

– Eating disordered past:  I was bulimic and suffered exercise bulimia for many years.. this is a huge detriment because I could potentially fall into old patterns of starving myself and overexercising or purging.

– Body dismorphia: I know I am thin, I knew I was thin at the height of my bulimia.. these competitions are exclusively about appearance and people judging you on it.  It would most likely downward spiral into more starving, over exercising, binging, and purging.  It has taken a long time to move on from that and I do not want to go back.

– Cost: $50-500+ for a suit, $200+ for entrance fees, $25+ per posing class, personal training/coaching adds up quickly.. low end would be $150-200/month, but most charge a lot more, $30+ for stripper shoes, gas money, travel money, food budget will need to increase…well I’m not made of money & wearing a bikini on a stage is not a priority right now.

– Injury prone: I have slight scoliosis and certain training routines won’t work.  Occasionally I will need to take entire week or two off training.  My shoulders sound like an old lady’s shoulders and I value future mobility over extreme leanness or even lifting a lot heavier.

– I hate counting macros.  I absolutely hate it. It’s time consuming..I like cooking for myself, but geez this gets super old super quick…it is a lot of headache at the beginning to figure all of my favorite meals out.  I don’t mind general goals like eating a particular amount 125-150g or whatever, but when if gets exceptionally specific, my brain just gets upset over all of the math required.  As it is I know my general daily counts, I know how I can change it.. (eating more of something, less of something else, etc.) What I am doing is currently yielding the results I want slowly without driving myself insane.

– I hate low carb diets.  While I wouldn’t be cutting carbs out completely I would have to have a few low carb days here and there.  I am not a barrel of sunshine and rainbows on those days.  I am a mean, mean little troll…and not that cute kind, the under the bridge kind.  Poor Boyfriend has suffered through this too many times.  I also need sweets, even if it is just a couple gum drops..those keep me from biting off other people’s heads.

– I have scoliosis because my left leg is slightly longer than the right.  I will never have perfect symmetry.  That’s fine in the real world, it doesn’t bother me unless I am squatting heavy and deadlifting heavy too close together, no one even notices. This would probably make my body dismorphia spiral out of control.

– I’ve seen so many great girls end up with issues because of a bad coach–most of these coaches don’t realize the damage they do either.  I also know many who do it “right”.  It’s slow for them.  It takes them years, but they can maintain an off session diet that is reasonable and helps reach their goals during the season.

So here’s the thing: Yes, I do want to build muscle and then lose a little body fat..but I am taking it slow.  I only want to make slight tweeks over time to yield results.  I like slow results better because they stick around.  I want to be able to enjoy life and have easily maintainable results.  Slow manipulation of set point will yield better results long term.  It’s a trial and error process, but it all fascinates me.  But, no I am not doing it to jump on stage in a bikini.  I respect everyone who does it, but I don’t see many positives in it for myself.

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2 thoughts on “No, I will not EVER do a Competition

  1. suspiciouspatterns on said:

    Love this post, a blast of sanity in a world that seems to be all about competition. Knowing yourself and being secure about your goals is a real gift.

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