Advocare & Why it is the Worst

I consider Advocare and I enemies. We do not get along.  I like science and proven methods…Advocare does not.  I like eating food..Advocare does not.  Advocare likes meal replacement shakes, I only like them if I can’t chew solid food.  Advocare promotes an unsustainable weight-loss system with a lot of pills.  I think pills are yucky and only take what is necessary to my survival because I’m ill or fear pregnancy.  So as you can tell, we just have so little in common it’s tough to get along.

Doing advocare’s 24-day cleanse most definitely yields results…temporarily. Let me let you in on a little secret.  You don’t need “spark” to get a good workout. You don’t need meal replacement shakes.  You don’t need appetite suppressants. You don’t need “cleansing” pills. You don’t need supplements. I am even paid to represent a supplement company (MetRX) and I can tell you EVERY essential macro & micro nutrient I get from my supplements I could very well get by eating more food.
Why do you take supplements then? Well, to be completely honest..I am lazy and I don’t like meat, eggs, or soy very much, and excessive amounts of dairy in my body is just not pretty.  I could not possibly get enough protein in my diet without protein powder or bars.  Yes, I also take a preworkout supplement because it makes me happy and want to be awake in the morning (boyfriend will tell you how much of an angry, angry bear I am in the morning; bears woken up from hibernation are cute & cuddly compared to me!)..I wake up at 3:15 a.m. so think of my preworkout as my morning cup-o-joe. However, I can make due without, which I do at least 3x a week.
why do you hate advocare so much? I do not like the sales techniques of their company.  Telling people they “need” something is completely unnecessary is ANNOYING and is called lying, ask any 4 year old. Well-educated people and caring souls I know push this stuff to make a little extra cash, when they know no one actually needs it, OR are not educated on nutrition enough to give advice –I’m not so concerned with the products as individual entities (supplements are meant to fill nutritional gaps, not the basis of your food-like stuff intake)..I am upset about the 24-day cleanse. Not only do I need to eat completely clean for 24 days (Oh hey, big secret, I’ll binge.), but some meals are just shakes or energy supplements.  If I forget to eat after I say have coffee and run around like a crazy person at my job, my blood sugar gets low. I get grumpy, then my vision gets a little cloudy, the room spins, I get a little vertigo, and then I can pass out. So I NEVER take my preworkout on an empty stomach. (“Spark” is basically an energy powder or a “preworkout”) Why would any reasonable person recommend that when with any research they’d discover my blood-glucose issues are common?

But, I’ve seen really amazing before and afters!  This my friends >>>>>> <<<<<< is NOT enough food.  Caloric deficiency will always lead to weight loss, surplus to gain.  Period.  No one questions this. The cleanse has about 1,000-1,300 calories daily for someone under 140lbs (sub 1200 calories is considered starvation by most health authorities).  I can tell you something amazing if you are eating 2,000 calories and MAINTAINING your weight…you burn that many calories daily. So if you cut back a little even just 250 calories, you’ll lose weight..slow yes. but weight will be lost….the less you cut the more wiggle room you have long term.
So what happens when 1,300 calories no longer leads to weight loss? More cardio? Cut more calories? What if you get down to 900 calories and 2 hours of daily cardio and you’re just maintaining…what do you do then? If your plan is to start your long-term weighloss plan with a cleanse, you will be sad when you start eating “normally” and the scale doesn’t budge or it goes up.  You’ll do the cleanse again…it’ll work, just not as well.  You’ll gain weight back. Cyclical dieting is bad for your metabolism. This cyclical dieting is what makes the company money. Messed up right?

That’s why Advocare and I can never be friends…. I believe in sustainable behavioral and nutritional changes…Advocare promotes quick fixes and reliance on supplements.  I do not want people to rely solely on me…I want them to learn to think critically and for themselves; I am just here to give you new ideas, information, variety, and for added accountability.


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