Broscience & Gurus.

What the heck is broscience, Blondie?

Broscience is best defined as a trainer’s ideas of diet, weightloss, weight gain, muscle loss/gain, that do not hold up to scientific testing or reality on these subjects; includes adamant adherence despite contrary information. “Well this is what works!” is a common response when you ask why. Along these lines we also have health sharks (I’m looking at you Dr. Oz) and “gurus”.  Gurus will claim that they have “unlocked the secret to weightloss” or “the secret to the best stage body”

“Bulking” by binge eating thousands of calories per meal after following a strict stage diet.
The phrase “eat clean, train mean” taken literally.
Stage weight being significantly different from weight one month after show
Exacting, rigorous diet plans.
Hours upon hours of daily cardio (also cardio 3-a-days) while not training for an endurance event “No days off”
No exercise diet plans, for those fit/healthy enough for exercise
Steroid use, unless medically necessary; espeically on female clients
Creating Food Villians, food fears, and a guilt cycle
Cookie-Cutter diet and exercise plans
Assuming everyone’s body reacts to various dietary & exercise changes exactly the same
Supplements pushed over whole foods, really pushing supplements as necessary, period.
Creating a diet/fitness religion.  “This is the only true path to fitness, all others are shamity shams to make you a fatty mcfatty. ”

What I am saying is I could go on for days.  I could call people out that I know personally. I won’t. I make this post as a plead to their clients to seriously reconsider their trainer, diet/nutrition plan, exercise routine, and weightloss tools.

In response to this: “The ultimate goal is having the client come in at their absolute best conditioning to win. The diet I construct for them at the beginning will continually change throughout the 12-16 week prep. The body will always change and throw obstacles at me and I need to know how to overcome those problems.               Having a college degree or calling yourself a trainer will not teach you how to do all these things. Only experiencing this yourself by competing and helping many others compete will teach you. So you can shove that Fitness Degree up your ass, because it doesn’t apply to the real world. Yes, many times I get people who have a degree in nutrition or some other degree in health and fitness try to tell me things they think they know or were taught from some fat, lazy teacher that knows nothing about bodybuilding, nutrition or actually training. They know only what they read and were taught. It cracks me up at the people who actually write these books that they learn from in college. They wouldn’t know a dumbbell if it hit them in their face.”

While a degree doesn’t necessarily make a great trainer, neither does working as body-builder for years.  That is like saying all Music & Arts majors will make great  teachers. And all artists who received private lessons or were self-taught can teach private lessons.  It doesn’t always work that way.  What if the self-taught artist only can draw anime and you want to work on realism? But, what if the music major, who has plenty of knowledge of the field, can’t articulate his thoughts, is terrible demonstrating/explaining, or has a terrible personality?
A good trainer will have a mix of knowledge and practical experience.  Luckily, many degree programs include practical study and are taught by people who work in the field or at least have a passion.  Some people actually know what they are talking about and aren’t lean.  What about hormone issues? What about there not being enough hours in the day to slave away in the gym to maintain a lean physique? What if he just lost a child? What about if she teaches extra classes so her daughter can take private dance lessons and can’t hit the gym all the time? Research and text books take time to come up with…time that will take away from gym/meal prep time.  Let me say this loud and clear LEANNESS DOES NOT EQUAL ABILITY OR KNOWLEDGE. Sure it is lovely to see someone put her knowledge into her physique, but life happens and not everything can be controlled.
Also, just because a few people had bad experiences with their program, doesn’t mean the entire field is a joke!  If someone thinks his instructor is not teaching the students properly; that’s what administration is for or transfer to a better program–if he/she didn’t do either, his/her lack of “good” education is his/her fault.  My experience in school was a positive one. I’m sorry that those people had a poor one.


So readers:Please, arm yourself with knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  There are so many great places to find scientifically sound, safe, and totally sane diet and exercise plans out there.  **I’ll link a few at the bottom of this post.

Knowledge also gives you the freedom to think critically about a trainer’s idea of what you should do to reach your goals.  Blindly following orders doesn’t necessarily lead to damage everytime, but wouldn’t you prefer to understand why?  What happens if you can’t pay for a meal plan anymore? Or afford a $500/month trainer? What if your trainer moves? What if your job moves you?

Weight modification with a healthy metabolism is a relatively simple concept.  Manipulating one’s expenditure and intake will lead to an eventually result.  If you intake more than you expend, you’ll gain.  If you expend more than you intake, you’ll lose.  If you create an energy balance, you’ll maintain.
Now, there are multitudes of ways to go about this…some healthy, some not, some fall in the middle; some for short term results, some for long.  A diet and exercise plan that works for Jessica Simpson, might not work for Britney Spears or The Rock.  They all have different lifestyles, goals, likes/dislikes, and abilities.  If long term/lasting results are what you are looking for, A good diet and exercise plan is something you could see yourself maintaining long term.  If you just want to look hot in a bikini for a day, a shorter term plan is perfectly acceptable; just know, the results are TEMPORARY & once the “normal” routine is resumed they will more than likely go away.  If you hate broccoli and love green beans; a plan that requires strict adherence & includes broccoli, but bans green beans, will slowly make you miserable.
I will assert my own “nonplan”.  It’s not a plan.  It’s called eat what you love, don’t eat what you hate, try new things, exercise to meet your goals, eat to meet your goals.
I can apply it to ALL goals and lifestyles because it isn’t a plan.  It’s not strict.  It’s shockingly simple, compared to what the “gurus” are telling you.  You don’t NEED fancy supplements, sure sometimes they’re nice, but you don’t NEED them.  You don’t need crazy expensive home exercise equipment or weight loss creams & wraps.  A little knowledge and practice will get you very far.

A few Good sources for exercise/nutrition

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3 thoughts on “Broscience & Gurus.

  1. Great post and I love the joke: ‘does he even science?’. You have made a lot of good points and I feel like your main point is that people have to do their own experimentation to find their best fit (excuse my pun!). What keeps happening is they don’t know what they don’t know and take BS as the real deal (just because the people that are saying it, believe what they say). It’s frustrating to watch!!

    • Yes! I find it SO frustrating. I mention it and their coach is basically god-like and never wrong. And it’s easy to just let someone else tell you exactly what to do, when to do it. I get it, I liked it when my mom cooked for us, but she also taught me how to cook for myself. I still like it when my mom cooks for me, but I won’t burn the house down alone either. The same should go for personal training..clients should be taught independence, and want to come back because they want to, not because they are dependent.

  2. GREAT post…I completely agree!

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