For those in the Columbus area, I offer personal training at Capital Fitness. Within the next few months I will begin offering online coaching to non-local people. However, I can answer random questions and give advice without you being a client.

I focus on learning the fundamentals of exercise and diet so that my clients can become independent and not solely reliant on me.  I want to instill confidence and independence in all of my clients to be able to work out independently and want them to come back to me for structure, support, feedback, and new ideas rather than because they feel “helpless” and “hopeless”.


$40/hour, $25/half hour for individuals
$25/hour per person for group (2 or more clients) sessions
**Discount/Special Rates: $40 for 2 half-hour sessions in one week, $30 for 2 group half-hour sessions in one week
$100 per month for online coaching plus 2 monthly in person half-hour “training review sessions”

Every Monday at noon I offer a free 30-45 minute fitness orientation where we cover basic freeweight technique and go over any questions about gym equipment you may have.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at or call 614-564-6666.


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