In her defense

Miley’s “performance” at the VMA’s was not good.  Honestly, she was pitchy, her wardrobe was unflattering and weird, those poor dancers, the props made no sense, the song really isn’t a good song to begin with, she needed to keep her tongue in her mouth… you get the idea. I can’t stand that she “twerked” at a more teenage-geared award show (MTV isn’t family TV, people).  It really wasn’t very PG13.  I also dislike all of the overly conservative backlash that’s come of it.

I don’t believe ‘twerking’ is inherently bad or immoral.  It has it’s time and place; at the club, in a dance class, in a rap video, and at home.  I’m not even upset she hardly had any clothes on.  Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Christina, Britney all regularly wear/wore less clothing and performed.  Lack of clothing isn’t an issue, the nude color wasn’t either.   I personally like to dance.  I don’t call it “twerking” though.  I just call it dancing or club/booty dancing if I need to be more technical.

As a young woman, I can tell you it is not because I want attention or because my “mom didn’t discipline” me–I had plenty of love and attention.  It’s not because I’m “rebelling” against up Christian, conservative upbringing.  It’s not because I’m sexually promiscuous.  It isn’t even because I “drank too much”.

It’s because I like to dance.  It’s a good work-out, it makes the club fun, it’s a huge (natural) endorphin rush.  I like to sweat, and it is literally the easiest and most fun way for me to get cardio in.  In certain environments, it’s completely acceptable to just let go and move.  I wouldn’t go to a middle school yard and dance like I would in the club, but at home? at a friends? in a group ex class? at the club? Heck yes I would and I do.  I’m not ashamed!

This does not make me a bad person.  This does not mean I want to lead young girls astray or “get it in” with every guy I meet.  Actually, I don’t like dancing with guys, (my boyfriend is an awesome dancer–he took lessons for over 10 years–and he only gets about 15 minutes of my dance attention span), Sorry I fly solo.  I have morals and standards, and I don’t go out to get wasted.  I go out to be social, get all glam-ed up, dance, and have fun. If Miley wants to twerk and look awkward let her.  She’s about as good as most extremely drunk girls at the bar.  Girls with thicker figures have a little more to wiggle and jiggle and twerking looks a lot more natural for them, but if Miley wants to get her awkward twerk on where it’s appropriate, let her.  The VMA’s wasn’t the right place.

My job allows me to look very “relaxed”.  I usually just wear my hair pulled back in a low ponytail or braid.  I don’t wear make-up. I wear yoga pants everyday.  I love it.  But, sometimes, I just like to do my hair and make-up, dress a little nicer and go be around a bunch of people.  This is rare, very rare.  Usually, I just get done up to go out with my boyfriend to dinner or friends to the movies.

Moreover, I do not like being hot. I will wear a sports bra and shorts and work-out outside.  I may even wear a crop top and pants or shorts to a place were that is appropriate (bar, beach, pool, outdoor events, etc).  If it’s hot, I do not want to be even hotter because of my wardrobe. This does not make me a “slut”.  I wear what I am comfortable in.  I wear what I think I look good in.  I don’t believe it is my responsibility to keep a man’s thoughts pure, avoid lustful thoughts (“adultery”) by dressing ultra conservative..  If he can’t execute self control, that is on him and he needs to address his own issues.  Plus, that is completely belittling to all men.  That is saying we believe no man can control his hormones and he is just running around on pure wild instinct.  Implying that wearing sexy clothes says “I’m asking for it” or that I’m “just an attention whore” is ridiculous.  Of course people judge us off our wardrobe, but as long as you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion, feel free to wear as little or as much as you like. Miley’s crop top and booty shorts definitely weren’t flattering to her figure, but honestly it’s the VMA’s, that’s appropriate attire.

My issue with Miley’s performance is that it was poorly thought-out and overall it just wasn’t good.  She and the team failed to take into account what the audience would like.  No, we don’t like giant bear space ships…no, we don’t like bears that look high. Nope, we don’t even like giant bear backpacks. We don’t care about your drug use. She is not a particularly great dancer or singer so to rely on gimmicks to get by & draw in viewers doesn’t make someone a truly talented artist.  It’s really unfortunate that this performance turned out the way it did.

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